Friday, September 12, 2014

Julep Invisible Dry Shampoo Review

Hi Gorgeous! I got another Julep box lately and was excited to try out he dry shampoo. You probably already know that having great hair is really the key to make an impression on any occasion. No matter what you wear, if your hair fails, you pretty much fails. Even if you are not out there to make an impression, having good hair just makes you feel better about yourself, because when you appear more energized, you FEEL more energized!! 

Here is the product 

To use : Shake well, spray product to the root of you hair then work through hair. 

When you shake it, you will hear the clear metal ball inside. Spray generously on to the root then massage the hair to spread the product and let loose of the hair. 

Here is my hair hair before...

Here is my hair after... !!!!! 

SO much more volume after! I was quite surprised! ( excuse my ugly roots..) I have used dry shampoo before and I think usually it gives a clean scent and make it less oily looking but it’s very hard to give the hair more volume. This one I think really makes my hair look less oily, more volume and eliminates oder as well! 

Overall I am very happy with the result. One small advice I would give is to be careful with the cap. I think I cap it weirdly and so it pressed on to the spray and caused a leak. After I re-caped it it was ok. 

If you want to try this product out for FREE, go ahead and CLICK HERE  to join maven!

Julep Maven is a subscription box with nail polish and beauty supplies. 

For new Mavens, we have two subscription tiers: My Maven and Maven Luxe.
With Maven Luxe, you’ll get $60+ worth of prestige products for $39.99/month, or $34.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. Each monthly box is completely customizable.
With My Maven, you’ll get $40+ worth of polish & product for $24.99/month, or $19.99/month with a three-month prepaid subscription. Each monthly box is completely customizable.


You’ll also most likely receive little surprises not listed here within the box. 
You can skip a month anytime you choose, unlimited. 
You’ll take the maven quiz to find out what style box is suitable for you, but you can choose whatever box you like to receive every month. 
Only get a box when you see that amazing color or new product that you want to try out!
All Julep Maven gets exclusive pricing for the products!
I think I been a maven for 2 years now and I love it! 

xo HitomiNeko xo

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Truth about Cooking

Hi Gorgeous. I know, I promise to blog more but I haven’t been, so what have I been doing?

Well, ever since school was off, I feel just as busy... for one, I am trying to find some intern jobs to gain experience and $$$$. For two, I been working my ass off like a super woman everyday.

Since I am off duty from school, I am expected to make my house perfect now and COOK. Which was never my strength but actually something I always wanted to do. I wanna be really good at cooking, making yummy and pretty food that’s worthy of pictures. I now realize how difficult that is. & how much MORE difficult it would be if I have kids...

You may think that cooking just means putting the ingredients together, and following a recipe seems complex enough. & if you watch a cooking show, they will make it seem 10 times easier, lol. In fact, cooking involves way more steps!

Research for your ingredients and recipe

This is so super important if you are a newbie at cooking. Chances are, you have no spices in your cabinet that will make you food taste the way you want. & of course the other main ingredient for the main dish. This will get increasing easier once you get more use to cooking dishes and know what kind of ingredients you usually use. It will take a while though.. after all, there are endless of dishes for you to try!

Buy the ingredients

This is probably the most time consuming process. You have to get ready to go out, travel to a destine supermarket and search for the ingredients you need. You will have to travel to several markets depending on what you need and if you want to save money! Which means you probably have to add on research for supermarkets in step 1...

Prepare the ingredients

Most speedy meals don’t taste that good, because a good meal is always well prepared. You probably need to soak some spice and sauces with the meal for half an hour. Cut veggies in a certain way. Wash the ingredients.. etc. Even if you prepare only 1 dish will probably take you minimum of 20 minutes.

Cook the food

The time for this step varies depends on what you’re cooking. The important part on this is to make sure you know exactly how much time you need to wait before turning off the heat, turn over the food.. etc. & knowing how it cooks when your food is fully cooked. I would highly recommend to taste your own food before serving


I wasn’t sure if I should put this as a step. I thought I would because it is the most enjoyable step, but also usually the quickist. I would say 15-20 minutes. If you go any longer then that, it probably means that you are eating too much, talking too much, or watching tv too much..... lol


I hate this part because usually after I eat I just wanna relax and watch tv. I also especially hate it when I am told to clean up. PLEASE... I will do it when I am ready!? But yeah, this part won’t be so speedy either..., all the pots and pans and plates you used, all the grease you need to throughly clean out.. ehhh. Oh, and don’t forget to wipe the table!

So yes, many steps for cooking, the whole process can take you the whole afternoon. Imagine what happens if you have a kid.. or kids? Brand new respect for all moms who take care of the home and kids.. it is really hard work.. and I am only doing half of it. I know after saying all these things you might not want to cook at home anymore, or maybe you think it’s not worth the time. Right now I just wish all the kids out there are really able to appreciate more for home cook meals. I have to say, they do taste better and really fill with love! The food is most likely more healthy for your body and it could also be a great family time.

Since I been spending so much time cooking, I decide I am going to try to have a section about cooking on my blog. Since I just decided this right now, I don’t really have pictures, but here is a peek at what I been cooking:

I handmade the dumplings! & I was happy ‘cause they taste better then usual. We did not even have to dip it into any sauce! The side salad is spread with japanese miso and mustard sauce! Yummy!

Another dish. I use left over dumpling ingredients to stir fry with noodles. =) 

So yeah, that’s what I been doing lately. I hope to post up more cooking blogs. Let me know what you think and if there is any dishes that you been dying to try to cook yourself?!

xo HitomiNeko xo

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Fun Labor Day

Hi Gorgeous! I don’t know how life became so busy but I was finally able to have a day of fun this past labor day. Funny thing about don’t know what to do, even after you done some internet search you’re still confused. I think we just want to relax and a change of scenery, but we don’t have a destination. We ended up at the rainbow harbor at long beach =)

I am not sure if this would be my first time here, I know when I was much younger I quit a bit of time at the beaches and harbors but I never knew where I was. When we got there, we just follow the crowd to walk toward the harbor.

Sorry I should have taken more pictures. But in this area, we could see the queen mary in one of the angles. The sun was strong as we continue to follow the crowd.

Some scenery near the harbor

I always look funny with these...

We decided to eat and ended up at this restaurant called “ yard house “ There was a ton of people, and I saw that they were on some magazine reviews so it must be pretty good. It would have probably been better if the buzz thing wasn’t broken. We had to went up to the counter and ask if it’s our turn yet to find out they had already called us...

I wanted the sofa table but didn’t get to it. Oh wellz. The best thing about waiting is that we ended up able to order the Happy Hours Food that we didn’t know about.

& it just so happens what we wanted to order were all on this Happy Hour menu!!

So we accidentally ordered too much food..

Spicy Tuna Roll

This is my absolutely favorite dish! If I only had this one dish I would be happy! You can’t really see the tuna inside, but it is SOOOOOOOO GOOOD! With half cooked Tuna and Guacamole~~~~~~ SOOOO GOOOOD! It is in a bigger portion then I imagined. Probably bigger then what you imagine as well base on the photo. 

Bearnaise Slider

We saw so many people ordered this on yelp. Unfortunately this is my least favorite dish. I think the burgers were too dry. The fries are ok. 

Fried Calamari

Pretty good. although not spectacular. 

Spicy Thai Chicken Pizza

I wanted to try this because I never had a Thai pizza before. The sauce is spicy and a bit sweet. It’s different and I like it! 

Chicken Nachos

I didn’t eat much of this because it was just too much food. Yummy of course =) 

Soooo much dishes and ended up at $35 ??!? ( Everything is half priced) Super Yummy and nice restaurant. Makes me wanna go back right away already!!! Of course the only thing is that I am usually unavailable during their happy hours T_T....

I guess that sorta concluded my happy Labor Day. It’s a pretty chill day compare to my normal super busy days. Although, it’s now the weekend again. What are your plans?!

xo HitomiNeko xo

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Surf Up Influenster Box Review!

Hey Gorgeous! Here is to another round of influenster box! This box is sent to me for review purpose and it's totally delicate to summer fun! 

Sinful Colors Nail Polish
Ever since I started collecting nail polish ( unintentionally!) I realize there are so many brands out there. I recognize this brand a while back and I am happy to say that I am glad to get this polish! The color is a such cute coral color that I think is suitable for any day. It is the perfect color to shine under the sun! Lasting power is pretty great even without top coat. I would recommend this brand! 

Here is a photo, which I know isn’t very clear. I will update close up better images later this week!

Jamba Juice Smoothies Smoothies -
I don't know one person who doesn't like jamba juice, there is just nothing better then organic healthy fruit drink! & It is perfect for summer! Having jamba juice at home is awesome because you don't have to endure the frying heat just to get your favorite jamba juice! I really wanted to get this but due to school, I really didn’t have the time to run to the market and test this out. I will update this when I get it to! Thanks! 

COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous

I usually don’t use any mascara because I have super short lashes and inner double eyelid. No matter how many times I attempt to use mascara it just seems like a waste of time. Therefore, I tried this mascara having no expectations... and the result is that I am actually kind of happy about it! 

Here is before. 

Application with side 1 ( My right eyelashes only /left side of image)

I think the extension effect is pretty great

Application with side 2 ( My right eyelashes only /left side of image)

Overall it does make a good amount of difference. I actually didn’t do any curling, so I think it would look even better if I did. I plan to use this product more on a regular basis. Maybe I will like mascara again! 

First Aid Shot Therapy
Can’t say too much about this product as I haven’t exactly tested it out. Since it is not a regular drink but intended for pain relief purpose, I thought I could only drink it if I am in pain.... haha I like the idea of the product, I should have use it when I was in my finals and was constantly working and not sleeping.. it was painful! haha 

Hawaiian Tropic 
I think the product is quite smooth to the skin. I haven’t really gone to the beach but I have used Hawaiian Tropic sunblock before and like it. I like the overall feel of the product. The only thing I would change about the product is the scent, although it is not strong and not a bad scent. I just think for something that’s meant for cooling and calming would be even better without scent, but overall would still recommend the product. 

I hope you enjoyed this review! Please comment for any suggestions and follow my blog via google friend connect! 

xo HitomiNeko xo

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Whet Nails Review + GIVEAWAY

Hey Gorgeous! Are you a nail polish addict? Even if you are not, don’t you just love having colored nails? I am not great with doing nails but even time I have my nails done I just feel so extra pretty ^_^.

I was really happy for Whet Nails sent me these polishes. I love the packaging of it, the style makes it so romantic look and great for display. I received two colors to test on:

#1 YesterdayNight

This one is actually a wine color. Very dark, look like black on the bottle. Usually I wouldn’t choose this color, but I tried it out and I like it because it’s different then my usual picks. Looks very elegant. Reminds me of seductive vampire look. & I love vampires by the way. haha.

#2 Hubis

This is a very nice coral color. I was a bit afraid to choose this one, because colors that are too neon are not really of my taste. To my surprise, it looks very nice on me, just the perfect shade of romantic light coral without looking neon at all.

Overall I think the quality is quite nice! I love the colors! For 7 days of non-chip action, you must do a top-coat to protect it!

Like what you see? what to try out Whet Nails yourself? You have a chance to win TWO of your favorite whet nail polishes! How? Just go to Whet Nails’s website, choose the colors that you like and comment it on my youtube giveaway video below ( + subscribe to my youtube channel):

& That’s it! Super Easy! 
UNLIMITED comment for extra entries! 

(((Winner must have an USA address to receive the winning package. )))

Giveaway ends on 6/20/2014

Good Luck!

xo HitomiNeko xo

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