Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Convention Part One

Hi Gorgeous! Recently I had a chance to attend the hello kitty convention! Actually I did not even know about it until my friend told me, and while I would be curious enough to attend, I probably still wouldn’t if I weren’t going with friends! So that probably says enough about how NOT a fan I am, even though I always thought I am a fan & boys would always make you believe you are already crazy. But the truth is, I am NOT CRAZY, and there are much crazier people in the world. lol.

I realize I have so many photos to edit, so I am going to blog this in parts! 

So I was the first to arrive among my friends. The line to enter was not yet too long, so I decided to go to a Starbucks nearby and wait until my friends come. Since they said they want to arrive early.

I ended up lining up anyway after about an a hour and still no news of my friends, first I had to check in to get my badge but soon realize I DID NOT bring my ID!!! Which is really bad, since it was a requirement to have the ID to get the badge. Though at the end they let me in after I id myself using facebook, lol funny right? 

Here is where i go the badge!

Then I finally got into the line and it has already gotten 3-4 times as long....

Getting ready for Hello Kitty Con!!!!

While I was waiting, I start to get excited when I saw hello kitty wrapped cars...

Never even seem on of these. hello kitty x truck. haha 

These are girls who dressed up super cute Lolita style and pass out hello kitty headbands! 

 I saw a hello kitty bus!!!!

I think this is my first time seeing a bus completely wrapped in hello kitty in real life.  I was so super excited ‘cause it’s just soooo cute. it also looks like it’s an electrical bus. How environmental. lol 

I even risk my position in line to get up close and take more pictures!

accidentally took a pix of this super kitty fan! haha she’s cute. 

Love oversize hello kitty. she’s cute no matter the size!

See the details of the bus!!!! amazing! and soooooo cute! 

It was so hard to try to snap a pix of this cute bus in clear view. but ... bye hello kitty bus!!!

The first thing I played when I got in was the hello kitty coin! There wasn’t too many people yet so I thought I try to do everything. I was thinking to do more then 1 coin, but I only got 1 shiny penny! While I was in line, I talked with people and realize others have probably purchased multiple day entries because they already been here and know where to hit up! 

Some freebies at the convention includes the hello kitty bag and yogurt! and also the hello kitty bag thing that you may see everyone carrying. 

Then I did a hello kitty pumpkin for halloween! There were many people who dressed up, I wonder if it’s more then other days since I went on halloween day!

What to choose?? 

Actually making a hello kitty pumpkin is quite easy. haha

There is also a kitty farmer. haha 

Selfie photos aren’t always great but oh wells! 

There is a hello kitty cafe that I got super excited over,
 because it’s so cute and pink and cute and pink... 

Such cute details... I’m drooling..

Did you know that there will be the first ever hello kitty cafe open in LA?! I cannot wait!

Everything is cute cute and cute, even no smoking signs are cute. 

As hello kitty always say: you can never have too many friends! Will be uploading part 2 to see what’s inside the building full of hello kitty !!!!!!!!!

Hope you like this post about hello kitty convention! 
Feel free to leave me a comment to show your love! 

xo HitomiNeko xo

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Victoria Secret Sports Bra Review

Hi Gorgeous! Recently I received the BEST INFLUENSTER BOX EVER! Which is a set of victoria secret sports wear! It’s really awesome because I always wanted a nice set of work out outfits. One reason why I never really bought work out bras before is because they really flatten your boobs!!! As I am sure you are aware as well if you ever try on one or seem anyone wearing one. I know It’s more comfortable to work out when your boobs are stable, but I think maintaining a nice shape is important too, after all, we all work out because we want to look good and feel good right?  Especially for smaller boobs girls & ladies!

So now I receive this, before I even try on, I can tell I will like it already.

They also included many coupons that was awesome and I shared with my friends =) 

The Bra size is made for you as the same as your normal bras. So whatever bra size you wear, you can pick the same one for the sports bra. If you are not sure what size, you can go to any victoria secret store and get yourself measured for free! I have been to their events before and also got myself measured.

Some details image of the items I received. 

The tights is super fitting. although it also includes an elastic, but really no need for me. 

What the sports bra is made for: 

A truly Incredible maximum support sport bra that’s perfect for running, boxing and high-impact workouts. With Body-Wick fabric to keep you cool and dry, and bonded, seamless technology for extra comfort. Plus, a super-soft elastic band and racerback. Get a runway body in performance workout gear from Victoria’s Secret Sport.
  • Maximum support
  • Breathable padding with wicking liner to keep you extra dry
  • Concealed wire for cushioned support
  • Padded straps and bonded, seamless technology that eliminates irritation
  • Super-soft elastic band for comfort & movement
  • Cushioned, adjustable back closure
  • Body-Wick keeps you cool & dry
  • Perfect for running, boxing and cardio
  • Machine wash. Tumble dry.
  • Imported. Solids/prints- body: nylon spandex. Mesh insets: polyester/spandex. Marl- body: polyester/elastane. Mesh insets: polyester/spandex

The fabric and make is excellent. Now let’s try on to see how I feel.

This is my funny yoga pose. ok, no actually I don’t know much about yoga, but I like doing it. ha. 

After trying this one, I have to say I really like it. It holds the shape most of the time. Although sometimes when I was doing some really stretching poses, it seems like it would be better if the bra sticks closer to the skin, so I won’t be exposed. Other then that, I am satisfied with the outfit, material is excellent &  I don’t really have to do #SportsBraBreakup because I never found one I like before until now! VS also has so many different styles of support and design for your sports bra!!!

Lot of great fits of different needs and varies sizes, which one do you like?

I hope you like this review, leave me a comment to let me know what you think. 

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

xo HitomiNeko xo

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#Bachelorette Party + #FoodPorn

No, it’s not mine. haha but for my BFF’s bachelorette party. This is actually my first time attending a bachelorette party. Previously everyone I known who got married never had one. Or maybe they did but did not invite me. lol.

( I actually have a lot of images, scroll down!) 

This bachelorette party included a lot of girls who are close to my BFF, but I am not close to all of them. & I always felt like I am sorta anti social where I only stick to people I know... but you know what, I think it’s kind of the same for everyone else. You can clearly see how people naturally divided into their own groups. lol.

Anyways. So a bunch of us girls arrived friday night, first we went to the Drai's club

Some girls got drunk already, and I was really out of the loop on what’s going on. One of my friend grab me to join these guys but I had no idea if she knows them of not. I felt like I had to protect her, since she seems pretty drunk, but she was still able to tell me that she actually knows them. ( although I did not really believe, since she was drunk... lol) The guys keep telling us to go to their table, and since the music was so loud, I couldn’t tell which table and just follow the pointing and gesture. when we got to one table, this girl told us that we need to leave because it’s HER table. and I thought. WTH? Do these guys even have a table or not? Turns out that their table was the table behind, and instead of going up the stairs, ( which is right next to us) they want us to climb through other people’s table... which is lame. Before I could figure this out, the security was yelling at us to get out, which I was a bit freaked out since my friend was already kicked out once for being too drunk....

Finally when we got to the guy’s table, I was still concerned and want to drag my friend away, because I don’t really believe she knows these guys. & she was still drinking more.... Eventually I did drag her away, and we finally re-grouped with the rest of the girls. The thing is, the rest of the girls joined a group of strangers table, which I did not know about. I assume someone knows someone here or something..... We were all together and the guys were trying to talk to us. One of our friends is very protective and keep telling the guys to get away. Eventually the guys got mad and told us to leave... since we were hogging their table but not talking to them.. lol... I guess it could be a different situation if any of us were available.... After all this, we still stayed a bit, n then we decided to leave.

ok yeah, I know no pictures here ‘cause I didn’t really take any. & when I was checking out my friend’s photos I also realize I am missing in a lot of photos.. lol.. oh wellz. 

The next day, we went to encore beach club. It’s pretty nice, although a lot of people and no where to sit or to put down our stuff. You can check in your items but we still need a place for towels, shoes and such. Someone ask how much are those sitting areas and we were told it’s $5000. like WTF, this club don’t even have professional dancers and stuff and they are charging $5000 a table? I guess you’ll have to be really rich to book and table, and people will come to you because you have a table and that means you are rich.. lol. 


Since it’s a club it’s of course too crowded, and pools are not meant for swimming, instead people are here to look “hot” I guess. Which is fine, but I think the club atmosphere could be a bit more high, since most people are not really moving with the music that much. There was some fun when some girls decide to go on the stage to dance. =P

Afterwards we all went to the hotel, rest and change for dinner. We went to Delmonico Steakhouse. The bride to be was wearing all white with a crown, and the rest of us wearing all red. It was funny because we didn’t know there is a “ Miss Asian” pageant thing going on at the hotel during the same weekend. & people keep mistaking us for being the pageant girls.... haha.

Delmonico Steakhouse
The Venetian, 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 414-3737

The filler bread was really good, I ate a lot of it!


The menu is on the expensive side, for me anyways. I am the type of person who likes to eat multiple small dishes in one meal, rather then just a piece of large steak. So I decided to order the ahi.

This is actually an appetizer, so it’s quite small. I guess my previous experience with the ahi appetizer at the Yard House give me unrealistic expectations now. I think the ahi at the Yard house is at least 5 x bigger then what I have here. The dishes’s image I saw on yelp was also unrealistic I guess because of the angle. Even though I wasn’t full, I think the ahi did taste great.

Afterwards I went gambling, I didn’t really win anything, just re-learned how to play the dice game. lol, I only play one game in vegas and I always have to relearn it when I am here. Previously I actually always won something, not big, maybe like $80. This time... nothing. lol. I am a true believer with luck when it comes to gambling, when you don’t feel it... don’t bet on it!!!

At the end of the night, we went to high roller ferris wheel. The ride is 30 minutes, which I knew would fly by because us girls just want to take pictures the whole time.

High Roller
3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 322-0560

waiting for our cart

The cart actually never stops, so you have to run in! Which was quite a bit scary since us girls were all dress up n in heels. I previously looked at their website, and it was suggesting that we could have party in the cart, so I was assuming that we would have the cart to ourselves, especially since we have a large group of people. But no, instead, we were randomly included with two other parties. The thing is, it was late at night, there was barely any people... and the cart behind us was EMPTY.... so I don’t understand why we didn’t have the cart to ourselves... the other group was a group of guys celebrating a birthday I guess. They got really high seeing so many girls and try to talk to us the whole time. The 3rd party was just a quiet couple. $35 per person for a 30 minute ride, I really don’t recommend it. The view was nice at night time, but not able to have our own cart was quite lame. My friends and I did have fun taking pictures though. Although I think I really need to upgrade my phone now, all the photo looks so horrible compare to my friends phones. lol

Although here are some views for you to consider: 

On the third day it was time to go home. I already split up with my girlfriends and just hang out with my hubs. I was happy that I finally get to sleep in a bit, since I feel pretty exhausted from the previous days, especially riding to vegas and now going back is not fun for me. After checking out the hotel we decided to go to a sushi buffet : 

Sushi House Goyemon
5255 S Decatur Blvd #118, Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 331-0333

All the rolls I ordered are half order. 

Pastel roll

Forgot the names, but I just read the description, If it has salmon, tuna, avocado or cheese... I love!!! 

Spider Roll

My first order was a bunch of rolls, because I was stupid n forgot that nigiri sushi means the sashimi on top of sushi rice, which is what I really want to order. I didn’t realize that until the first round of sushi rolls, so then I order a bunch of nigiri sushi, but really much less then what I want!

So before we ordered the Nigiri Sushi we ordered the poke’s!!

This is with Tuna and Octopus. So Good! Although the veg on the bottom is a bit salty. But yeah I haven’t had poke forever, so I really love it. I wanted to order 10 orders haha. 

Here comes nigiri sushis!

I ordered Cajin albacore twice I think. it’s soo good ^_^ 

I also ordered a bunch of side dishes, which I love and really enjoy. I really like the fried calamari, at first when it came I didn’t know what it is because I never seem one like this! It was really yummy and we ordered a lot! 

I never seem fried calamari look like this. it’s SOOO GOOD. I LOOOOVE IT 

I think the only dish that we ordered and was a disappointment was the takoyaki, because it is usually my favorite japanese dish, and if it’s available I would always order it. However, this place’s takoyaki was not very good, very little squid inside the ball.

Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream 

One thing I love for this buffet is the dessert! Usually you don’t get ice cream at lower end ( price wise) buffets I think. Especially Japanese Ice Cream? No way! I had to order all of them that I wanna eat! I ate three ice creams ... soooooo satisfied! 

Red Bean Ice Cream

Tempura ice cream 

Overall I really enjoyed the food here though and I want to come back when I am in Vegas again! (Although please note that this place is actually quite small. ) & I guess that pretty much concludes the trip, we went home and it was so tiring having fixed butt position for hours until we reach home. Until few days later I was still kind of sore. haha.. I am old now... but makes me wanna travel even more... ^_^

xo HitomiNeko xo

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