Friday, December 7, 2012

Prank Vs Bully Suicide

Hi Lovelies. Today I learned a really sad news regarding the Nurse - Jacintha Saldanha - for Duchess Kate committed suicide after a prank call from Australia DJ!

I heard the news on the radio and I thought it was the nurse who accidentally revel private hospital information regarding Duchess Kate who committed suicide. However, it was the front desk nurse who transferred the call who committed suicide.

I guess it would be the front desk’s fault for transferring a call that was not confirmed. Since the nurse in the back would assume the call is already filtered or confirmed to release information. I heard the call on the radio, people thought the impersonation of the King and Queen sounded ridiculous and don’t know why it worked. I personally didn’t find it too funny because I feel like the information was private therefore they were invading other’s privacy.

Some people thought it was the radio DJ’s fault that the nurse committed suicide. Others feel that it’s the loyalty’s fault because they must be angry and try to get her fired. 

Who’s fault do you think it is? 

In my opinion...

1) The nurses’s fault. Prank call or not, I am sure every nurse knows the right of patient’s privacy and must screen calls when they come in. They cannot just assume “ I’m the Queen” is the Queen.. 

I don’t think she committed suicide because of the mistake, but whatever came to her after it. As I am sure she must have receive some punishment to make a mistake such as this. Perhaps she feels her career as a nurse is over because of the news. Additionally, she might already have other issues at home that troubles her. Perhaps this prank call made the “last straw” to her stress. 

As difficult as it may be, since it is a suicide, I feel that it is the nurse’s own fault for taking her own life. 

2) The DJ’s fault. I know they assume that the prank call wouldn’t work, but once it worked, do they have the right to air it on radio? Perhaps it was a “ live” show I don’t know. Though I think it’s not right for them to air private health information from the hospital, it is just indecent. But I guess that’s whatever’s to them if they assume themselves to be paparazzi?!?!?! Obviously they didn’t thought things though and just thought it would be funny. 

Although the DJ’s apologize the day after, I guess that wasn’t enough to stop a life to be taken. 

I personally don’t think the loyal’s is at fault here. I am sure if our own privacy got aired internationally without permission, we would be angry & demand some kind of punishment for the person who made the mistake. 

I am sure we all have heard news of suicide for bullying, but this is a first for me in a result of a prank. 

Do you think prank can be compare to bullying?
Can the consequences of a prank be similar to bullying?
Who’s fault is it? 

Leave a comment to show that you care!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


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