About Me : HitomiNeko ^^

Hi Lovelies! Welcome to my blogger !!

I been blogging since forever. I can’t remember when I first started my first blog. Here at is not my first blog but has been my most beloved blog because of the effort and time I have invested in it. Here is where I finally start learning and gradually mastering at blogging. Of course I can’t say I am a master of blogs! But I am learning and loving it !!!

A little bit about me personally, I love all things art, fashion, design and music. I fancy mainstream high fashion as well as Japanese gyaru styles. I was born in Taiwan but live in US most of my life. In my blog, you will see variety of things relates to my interest. Sometimes when I get too busy I update more on my other social medias. Please check them out as well ^_^

Thank you to all my readers who stayed with me and help me grow. As for new readers I hope I can inspire you to stay. I am working hard brainstorming whenever I can to give you insightful thoughts, reviews and news. I also do giveaways as much as I can. Please follow me via the social medias most convenient for you for latest updates! 

Have a Lovely Day! xo

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


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